Sunday, July 25, 2010

Opera Mobile 10.1 For Maemo Released

Last week Opera had launched Opera Mobile 10.1 beta for Symbian S60 platform. Now it has released a version for Maemo operating system for Nokia N900 and Nokia N810/N800.Opera Mobile 10.1 beta on Maemo platform now includes JIT support  -- which makes the browser with the fastest Javascript engine on the Maemo platform, commented Anders Höckersten in the Opera Labs blog.

It also supports Geolocation function. "This means that sites can now use the Geolocation API to find out where you are located (provided you give your permission first, of course), and use that to present you with information relevant to your location."

According to the blog, Opera Mobile 10.1 beta for Maemo also offer better support for popup windows, power management support, extra empty tabs will no longer be opened if the browser is set as the default. "A very large number of bugfixes and enhancements to the UI and the rendering engine are also part of this release."



But Opera has accepted that the browser still lacks some features and has many problems. According to the company, it is possible that Geolocation might use cell tower data most of the time instead of GPS. It does not support Adobe flash and other plugins and the built-in on-screen keyboard is also not supported. The new panning algorithm is not optimized with regards to page rendering and also panning might sometime move at much higher speeds than expected, says Opera.

Download and install Opera Mobile 10.1 beta on your Nokia N800/N810/N900 using the phone's default browser. If you have previously installed Opera Mobile 10 on your phone, Opera Mobile should be updated automatically through the Application Manager.

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