Monday, July 19, 2010

iPhone 4 - The best iPhone yet?

A few days ago Apple unveiled the latest version of the iPhone to the world - theiPhone 4.

As some of you may have already seen, a prototype wasleaked around a month back, so you may have already got a glimpse of this phone, but we now get to take a proper look at a very exciting handset from Apple.

So what's new?

Quite a bit actually, here's a summary of new features;
New Design - 24% slimmer with a flat glass front and back and a stainless steel band around the outside of the phone. Apple claim the new iPhone 4 will be the slimmest handset available on the smart phone market. It will also be available in the

  1. usual black and white colours.

  • High Res 'Retina' Display -Apple claim this to be the sharpest, most high resolution phone screen ever. Quite a statement, but Apple have achieved this by fitting in 4x the amount of pixels into the screen (im comparision to the iPhone 3GS) to give a far higher resolution screen.
  • HD Video Recording & New Camera - Apple have finally improved the camera found on the iPhone, this is now a 5.0 MegaPixel with LED Flash. In addition to this, the iPhone features HD recording (in 720p) which allows you to record and edit movies on your iPhone 4 using iMovie.
  • Facetime (Video Calling) - The iPhone 4 includes front and rear cameras to allow you to record video and in this case, use Video Calling (Apple have named this 'Facetime'). The clever feature here is that you can use the rear camera to show a person what you are looking at without having to flip your phone around.
In Summary...

So what do we think? Well the iPhone 4 is certainly a big improvement from previous version and it should be faster and allow for multi-tasking with the addition of the A4 chip, which is also used in the iPad.

We particularly like the design changes with the more subtle cornering on the phone. The addition of a better camera and video recording is likely to prove very popular with users too.

Apple have raised the bar once again and whilst there are many fantastic smart phones now available on the market, there is no doubt that the iPhone 4 will be one of the most desirable on its release, which is due on June the 24th in some countries and being available across the globe before September.

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