Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mobile broadband networks speeding up

Mobile broadband is not a new concept, but it is the one gaining popularity day by day. With this increasing trend by 2010 there will be around 600 million mobile broadband connections. In fact UK alone will have more than three million homes
using mobile broadband.
With this increasing trend and number of providers coming all the way it’s hard to choose which one to take and which to leave. There are various sites offering you to compare the best mobile broadband services for example say broadband experts. Here you can pay as you go mobile broadband with various deals
The main question here is will the networks be able to cope up with this increasing trend. Few providers have started complaining that, this increase is causing network congestion. However as technology puts its foot forward they have solution for every predictable fall, so does the mobile broadband. You can read various solutions at
There are investments going on to improve networks, with better speed, coverage and reliability. Along with this they are continuously doing real world testing to improve our mobile broadband services

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