Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nokia X9 Concept and Estimated Specs and Features

There’s an interesting concept of a new Nokia Xseries phone, called the Nokia X9. Although this is not the real deal and it’s only a concept, the X9 is still attractive for me.This time around we will discuss about the detail of the Nokia X9, along with some of the predicted specifications and features.
Basically the X9
is an upgrade of X6 with some great features, some of them are a large capacitive display, camera that can record video and HD 720p after quad LED Xeon module. The X9 also support memory cards such as microSD, and also mini HDMI output for connection to a TV.
In this X9 concept, there’s dual micro USB so that the X9 can function as a USB hub for various devices but also as a charger, a feature especially useful after the adoption of a standard mini USB for charging of smartphones.
Unfortunately, the batteries are left behind in development and large screens consume much energy but need 24 / 7 internet connection is necessary. For that integrates Nokia X9 AMOLED screen just below the large multi touch screen. Consider an Optimus Maximus keyboard minified to serve the basic needs for informing the user without having to check the display constantly. The surface can be configured for notification of new messages from Facebook, DM on Twitter, SMS, missed calls, etc.
In the middle is the key, touch sensitive home button with multiple functions. Single touch for transfer to the home screen. Single touch and wipe down to unlock the device. Single touch and wipe up for instant control of social status on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. without having to operate the mobile screen, without additional energy consumption. Practically, the user need not deal with the mobile phone because the cause to be alert to what happens (push notifications) but gives the possibility to check on demand. When the user decides to see what happens in Facebook, Twitter and your inbox operating undertakes to show the avatar of the contact list and do assign to each of these respective event. The AMOLED screen automatically updates via the news ticker on major event Foursquare eg if a friend is nearby.

In the musical features that Xseries phone usually stands out, this Nokia X9 offers playlist or entire album sharing via OTA (Over The Air). To respect the music owners, people who receives the playlist/album will be charged with a discounted price. Now how interesting is that? Anyway, do you think that there’s anything more to be added in this Nokia X9 specs and features? Share some comments under :)
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