Sunday, July 25, 2010

how to save your mobile bill

The Mobile Tariff is dropping rock bottom day by day. Everyday you hear a new plan. 1p/sec,50p/min, Free Calling and news like that.
But a Question: How Many Amongst Us has Actually Started Getting Lower Bills?

Well the Answer for most of you would be NO. Do we know the reason behind it, Well the only reason behind it is the selection of the Postpaid or Prepaid Plans as per our Needs. So there was a initiative started by  YourBillBuddy  to help you select the best plan and best tariffs and well this service is Free of Cost!

So, If you want to help yourself with Better Calling Plans for lower bills every month, Then don't hesitate and JoinYourBillBuddy to get the best for you! Happy Calling!! 

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