Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vodafone Unveils Solar Powered Mobile Phone

India’s leading mobile service provider, Vodafone Essar Ltd, unveiled a solar powered mobile handset, VF 247. Priced around Rs 1500, the handset is expected to hit the market by next month. It comes with features like a colour screen, FM radio and a powerful torch light. The phone requires eight hours of direct sunlight for a full charge, after which it can provide upto eight days of standby time. The phone is equipped with a special ‘sun boost’ hardware and software which facilitates charging under ambient room lighting, so that the phone can charge itself even in normal daylight conditions.


With this launch, Vodafone aims to tap the Indian rural market, which is rapidly gaining access to mobile technology.

According to Vodafone, the launch of solar charging phone is in keeping with it’s goal to increase mobile technology accessibility for millions in India.

“Vodafone’s solar powered phone is launched for people residing in areas where electric supply is unstable, so that consumers can rely on solar charging to remain connected. This is likely to enable more people in rural India to go mobile and thus increase penetration from the current 20 percent. We will continue to invest to uplift the quality of telecom services and products in India,” said Marten Pieters, Chief Executive at Vodafone Essar.

Vodafone’s rural network coverage of 65% is the second highest in India. It also has the second largest rural subscriber base in the country.According to Cellular Operators Association of India, the company now has operations across the country with over 109.06 million customers as of June 30, 2010.

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