Saturday, August 14, 2010

5 Rare Stonemade Gadgets

Wood is actually so popular amongst amateur designers and some manufacturers. Some of the most interesting examples would be Wooden Mobile Phone from Russia, wooden earbudsand wooden carpets. But, what about usage of stone for gadgets! Unfortunately, it is not a popular topic yet due to limited application features such as heaviness. Still, there are rare examples of stone gadgets and some of these badly fail achieving the desired style effect.
Stone Mouse : The parts of stone are cut, polished and glued together by Russian designer Neko.
(Possibly Fake) Stone USB Hub : On the first sight, this 4-ports USB hub looks like a regular stone from the
beach or like a brain if you look more. But Craziest Gadgets had another idea reminding us about plastic potatoes :)
Klipsch AWR-650SM Stone Speakers : If your newly bought 5 star hotel needs to impress the guests, think buying a pink outdoor speakers. Available in a granite, sandstone or red rock finish. Product Page
Stone Laptop Table : Cut a rectangular granite and sell it as a laptop table for $120. At least, a designer at
Etsy homemade products shop thinks that easy way :)
Stone iPod Dock : For those who want their iPods in a stone dock. Very old gadget news but it is the only thing related to iPod as a stone until today.
I want to finish my article with a Keyboard Monument made from stone. Proudly Russian as well

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  1. Wow enjoyed your post i never knew there are stone made gadgets lol do visit my blog


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