Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to protect yourself from Tabnabbing???

The most useful way to remain protected from such attacks is to reside on addons like Secure Login for logging in to any online account. So, when you return to attacker website(which has been redirected to phisher), the addon Secure Login will check for url and will show the message:

"No login data found for this page"

So, even if the attacker website has changed itself to phisher and the user has forgotten to check it's url, Secure Login will alert user that page is a phisher. Also, it is expected that various browsers will soon release a fix for this hack.

So friends, beware of this new phishing attack - Tabnabbing and protect your online accounts. Remember, Secure Login is the best solution to phishing attacks. If you have any views on this new phishing attack, please share it with us in comments.

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