Saturday, June 26, 2010

How To :: Increase The Speed of YouTube Video \Streamimg.

YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. It is a fact that YouTube is one of the most popular video website that you can find lots of videos in there. I love NBA basketball and I am able to watch a lot of free video clips about Michael Jordan. My friend loves basketball too and he learned a lot of
tips on how to be a better basketball player. What if you saw a dance video in YouTube that you really like and want to learn the moves? What if you want to learn a guitar tab but wasn’t able to see what was being played by the agile fingers of the guitarist? If it is a tutorial video, they’ll definitely show you in slow motion on how to do it. If not, to play the videos in slow motion, we’ll have to download the FLV video to our computer, convert it to AVI file and play it in slow motion using our favorite media player. This is what most of the forums and websites that will advice you to do since they said that we can’t slow down YouTube videos when streaming them from YouTube. Well they are wrong… I just found a plug-in that can easily slow down or speed up flash videos that is on YouTube, Fox News Video, CNN Video, ABC News Video, ESPN Video and etc directly from your web browser. The Enounce MySpeed Plug-In for YouTube allows you to change the playback speed of YouTube and other flash videos without changing the pitch of the audio. Basically, the person speaking won’t sound like a chipmunk. With MySpeed you can watch more videos in less time with speed-up, understand and transcribe complex material with slow-down, increase learning and retention. All you need to do is to download the software, watch a video on YouTube or any other video sites that uses Flash, and move the slider to change the playback speed. 1.0 is the normal speed. Lowering the value by sliding backwards will slow down a video and vice versa.

MySpeed Plug-In for Flash will stay in system tray and if it detects any flash videos in supported web browser, the slider will automatically appear. MySpeed.exe process only takes up 6MB from memory and it doesn’t slow the system down. The latest version Beta 2.10 adds Flash 10 support. MySpeed Plug-In for Flash is totally FREE and works only on Windows XP or Vista operating system. Firefox 2 or 3, Internet Explorer 6 or 7 is fully supported. As for Internet Explorer 8, Opera 9.62 and Google Chrome, it is not supported. Enounce MySpeed Control titlebar will tell that No Flash Video Playing… 

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